Kentucky Cancer Foundation has partnered with Country Boy Brewing to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention of cancer. At the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday, October 3rd, we will continue the Country Boys & Girls Against Cancer campaign with another Drive Out Cancer event. Campaign memorabilia will be available for purchase. Funds raised will be donated to Kentucky Cancer Foundation.



Drive Out Cancer with a campaign tee

Order online by hitting that link to the right. Local to Lexington? Drop by the Country Boy taproom to grab a tee – hats, pint glasses & stickers are also available at the taproom!

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Country Boys & Girls Against Cancer

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We need and appreciate every effort to reduce cancer in Kentucky. We are thrilled to partner with Country Boy and if some thirsts can be quenched for our work to prevent cancer, all the better.Jack E. Hillard, Kentucky Cancer Foundation
We are very excited about this partnership. Cancer has touched all of us – my dad is a three time survivor – and we cannot stress the importance of getting screened early.Daniel Harrison, Country Boy Brewing

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